WEEDPECKER Psyché, Stoner rock | PL
BARON CRÂNE Psyché, Prog, Post | Paris

jeudi 6 juin 2019 / 20h30 par Mohamed Dali
pas de prévente | sur place : 8€ tarif plein / 6€ tarif réduit * info/réservation :

Suite au départ de 3 des membres de Weedpecker, la tournée est annulée et nous sommes donc contraints d'annuler cette date :/
Nous ferons revenir Baron Crâne à Lille prochainement en tout cas ;)
Ci-Dessous le post de Weedpecker:

Dear people,

We have a very important statement for you about significant changes in Weedpecker. Me (Piotr) and Bartek decided to take our separate music paths. The fact that we are brothers, made this choice even more difficult for us. Bartek was a member of Weedpecker from the very beginning, he recorded with us all the albums, played countless gigs and rehearsals. He is a composer of such pieces as Embrace or Lazy Boy and The Temple of Wonders.
Bartek, my beloved brother, thank You with all my heart for all the years together. Your contribution to this band has been enormous and you will always be a member of Weedpecker. I wish you a lot of success in your new art. I am convinced, that soon we will all hear about your new cool band.

Under these circumstances, Weedpecker is saying goodbye to Kuks and Karol. They are close friends with Bartek and will keep playing together. I am sure that new project which they will create together, will be perfect.
Karol and Kuks, dear boys, thanks that you’ve put up with me - the old stoner grandfather – for so long. At every gig you gave your best on the stage. I am really grateful to you for all the time spent together, and again, thank you with all my heart.
Unfortunately, we must cancel Weedpecker’s tour in France and Germany. � I would like to strongly apologize to all the organizers and assure that we will be back as soon as possible.

So what happens to Weedpecker now?
Something must end for something new to come. The new band members are already chosen and started working hard. We'll give you more details soon. The plan is the same as usual. We will record the next album. You can be sure it’s gonna happen! Stay tuned!
A lot of love for all of you who support this band.



Rock In Bourlon, Cerbère Coryphée, Mohamed Dali te présentent ce Warm-Up surprise qui fait bien plaisir!

Jeudi 6 Juin 2019
la malterie
Tarif plein 8€ / réduit 6€ sur place uniquement / CASH ONLY pas de CB!!
Weedpecker (Varsovie, PL / Psyché, Stoner, THC)

Baron Crâne (Paris, Fr / Psyché, Prog, Post)

La Malterie 250 bis Boulevard Victor Hugo / Métro : Porte des Postes


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