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Makoto Kawabato Acid Mothers Temple | JP
Tocc Beat Club improvised club music | Lille
Les Autotamponneuses imprimerie mutante sonorisée | Lille

samedi 30 mai 2020 / 20h30 par Mohamed Dali
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Makoto Kawabata

Makoto Kawabato (Acid Mothers Temple | JP)
Guitariste, violiniste, performer sur de nombreux instruments traditionels, leader du groupe the Acid Mothers Temple.

“Music, for me, is neither something that I create, nor a form of self-expression. All kinds of sounds exist everywhere around us, and my performances solely consist of picking up these sounds, like a radio tuner, and playing them so that people can hear them. However, maybe because my reception is somewhat off, I am unable to perfectly reproduce these sounds. That is why I spend my days rehearsing.

Where do these sounds come from? Who is sending them out? That is not something for me to know, and neither is there any way that I could find out. I simply believe that they come from the ‘cosmos’. (Maybe other people would call God the source). Since I was a small child I have been prone to hearing ringing sounds in my ears and other sound phantasms. At the time, I believed that these were messages aimed directly at me from a UFO, and so I would gaze up at the sky. But once I started playing music myself, I came to feel that these noises were a kind of pure sound. And I promised myself that one day I would be able to play those sounds myself. It is only recently that I have begun to feel that I have been able to come close to reproducing these sounds in my solo guitar work, and in my INUI project.

However, in June of 1999, I finally discovered my own ‘cosmos’ and I experienced an instant of total union with it!! That ‘cosmos’ is still tiny in size – although any cosmos can, by its very nature, be infinitely huge or infinitely small. The energy and vibrations contained within that it far exceeded my imagination in scope and beauty. I can only describe the miraculous instant when my ‘cosmos’ accepted my consciousness as MAGIC.

Kawabata Makoto. July 8th 2000

Tocc Beat Club (improvised club music)
Toc + Christian Pruvost en mode technoïde, beat martelé, improvisé et obsédant. 2 heures de transe pour bouger les pieds.
Christian Pruvost : trumpet, electronics
Jérémie Ternoy : Fender Rhodes, keyboards
Ivann Cruz : guitar
Peter Orins : drums, electronics

Les Autotamponneuses (imprimerie mutante sonorisée | Lille)
4 techniciennes de l'extrême bravent les frontières entre musique et art graphique pour aller au de là de l'intertranspluridisciplinarité et entrer dans les graphosonorités. Comme un hommage à Daphné Oram, elles deviennent une sorte d'Oramic Machine à 8 mains et trop de câbles.



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